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Updated: May 19, 2023

Every home can do with a little more living space. Be it a room for extra storage or somewhere to put an extra bed or even to have space for that home office or home gym.

Attic space offers a myriad of possibilities. What’s more, recent analyses of house prices noticed that an attic can increase the resale value of your home by 20%.

With all these advantages it's little wonder so many homeowners are seeking out an attic conversion in Dublin. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the many advantages of an attic conversion while outlining what you should expect if you decide to convert your attic.


How much does an attic conversion cost?

There is no way two ways about it, an Attic conversion is an investment that requires some upfront capital. It’s important to understand that not all attics are deemed habitable spaces. This means that the attic’s ceiling height isn’t high enough to be considered an extra room and therefore are officially deemed as storage space. This doesn’t mean that these attics can’t still be used as an office space or a recreational room and indeed many people convert their smaller attics for these exact purposes.

The base price point for an attic conversion of this type is €15,000.


Certain attic ceiling heights are large enough to be considered habitual spaces. Therefore a converted attic can be considered an extra room in a property. By adding an extra bedroom to the attic a homeowner could drastically increase their home's resale value. However, due to the increased size of the attic and the likely increased complexity of the conversion, this remodel will require a larger investment.

The base price point for this type of attic conversion is €30,000.

If you plan to add an ensuite to your attic conversation this needs to be factored into the budget. The extra internal and external work required to install even a simple toilet set-up can push up the budget.

A single ensuite in an attic conversion can increase the budget by €4,500.

Some other additions that can drastically increase the overall budget include:

Attic window installation: €410 per window.

Attic Balcony installation: €2,500.


Advantages of an Attic Conversion

An attic conversion is an attractive option for many homeowners as it essentially adds additional living space to your home. Although this newly converted space can be used for anything, they are typically used as:


- Home Offices

Perfect for those who work from home or run their business from home. A converted attic makes a perfect sequestered area for businesses while keeping the rest of your home purely a place to live and relax.

- Bedroom For Younger Family Members

A growing family requires extra living and sleeping space meaning converting an attic into a bedroom is often the best possible solution.

One of the major advantages of an attic conversion, when compared to a ground-level conversion, is the cost. An attic conversion will almost always work out cheaper than a ground-level extension.

Also, most attic spaces are exempt from planning permission saving a homeowner from getting bogged down in paperwork.

As you’re not extending into your garden. You’re not sacrificing the size of your outdoor space to increase your home’s internal area.

And finally, an attic extension will cause a lot less disruption to the day to day running of your household as the job can be completed relatively quickly.



An attic conversion is a wise investment no matter how small or large your attic space is. For a full cost overview, you can request a free estimate from our offices. If you have any more questions, please visit our Attic Conversions Dublin page or contact us directly on 087 256 31 46 or 01 837 15 61.


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