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For more information on our complete attic conversions, get in contact with A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. today.


A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. provides clients all over North Dublin with the very best in professional attic conversions.
With over three decades of providing the very best in attic conversions, we have completely revitalised the wasted attic space of hundreds of properties all around Dublin. Our unique service means we allocate the right resources at the right time so an attic gets completely transformed quickly.
If you need more living space to accommodate a growing family or you need home office space or even a home gym, have the experts at A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. design and build an attic conversions that is suited to your requirements.
We can also install dormer windows where planning permission permits.
We work closely with all our clients to make the right kind of conversions that suits both their unique requirements and seamlessly blends the new living space into the existing interior aesthetic of the property.

To discuss a full attic conversion, get in contact with A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. today.


So much space in an Irish home is being wasted in the attic. This large vibrant space is often overlooked and used for little more than storage. With A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. we can completely revitalise this space, transforming it into a vibrant part of your home. Our team of expert craftsmen take care of the design, the carpentry, the plastering, the electrics and the plumbing. Best of all, our experience, reliability and commitment to our clients mean we can offer a totally customised attic conversion at extremely competitive prices.

Attic Conversions


Do I need planning permission before beginning an attic conversion?

Usually attic conversions don’t require planning permission. However, there are a few exceptions, where planning permission is required. If you plan on putting up dormer windows or installing Velux windows on the front of the house you will need to seek planning permission.

If you wish to avoid the administrative process of applying for planning permission, we can help with the attic conversion design. We can avoid placing features in areas that will necessitate planning permission.

If I get my attic converted can I sell my three-bedroom house as a four-bedroom house?

Unfortunately not, the very reason that most Attic conversions don’t require planning permission is that the low roof means an attic conversion is classed as a non-habitable storage room. Therefore if you were to sell your property you wouldn’t refer to the attic as an extra room instead you’d refer to it as a converted attic. Still, a professionally converted attic is very attractive to buyers and will in-all-likelihood increase the overall resale value of your property.

Do I need architect drawings before converting my attic?

We are happy to work from architect drawings, however, our expert team can design the layout as part of our Dublin attic conversion package. Our experienced contractors have designed and constructed hundreds of attic conversions in properties all over Dublin.


For the best in North Dublin attic conversions, get in contact with A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. today.

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