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Home extension services Dublin

For the very best in A-Rated Renovations, get in contact with A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. today.


A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. provides clients with a full extension service. Our team of professional tradesmen add beautiful and practical extensions to all kinds of properties.
A professional, energy efficient A-rated Extension by A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. not only adds much-needed space to a home it can also add significant market value to a building.
With over 3 decades of professional experience, we have built a stellar reputation for the unsurpassed quality of our craftsmanship, our commitment to customer service and how we seamless integrate the extension into the existing building.

To discuss the extension requirements of your home, get in contact with A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. today.


We offer all our North Dublin clients a complete and comprehensive extension service. Our team take care of all aspects of the extension. We design the space around the exact needs of the property and meticulously stick to the agreed upon budget and timeframe.
Our team make a point of causing the absolute minimum amount of disruption to your home or business during the build time. The advantage of our all-inclusive service is that we are always available if you need an update during the build or have any questions or queries.

House Extensions in Dublin


One of our specialities is completing comprehensive home extensions in Whitehall and the surrounding townships and counties. With over 30 years of professional contracting experience, we have considerable expertise in planning, designing and completing home extensions.

Home extensions are great for accommodating a growing family, adding a room to a property, or adding a much-needed kitchen or living room extension.

More so than just improving the building for the occupants, a home extension can add significant resale value to a property.

Interested in a home extension in Whitehall? Get in contact with our offices today.

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house extension services available

To discuss the unique extension requirements of your building, get in contact with A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. today.


For additional information on our home extension process please read our home extension blog post. 


How much do house extensions in Dublin cost?

The cost of your house extension will all depend on different factors including the size, the time it will take, and the materials needed. Please contact us today to discuss your options.

What size of house extensions in Dublin can I build without planning permission?

Generally speaking, you will not need planning permission for any house extensions on the rear of the house that do not increase the floor area by more than 40 square metres, and is not higher than the home. If you would like to know more, call us today.

Why should I consider a home extension?

If you have been looking at moving, you may notice that the price of homes in Dublin is sky-rocketing. This is why doing house extensions is a great alternative. This way you will gain more of the space you need while not spending too much money.

How long do house extensions take?

When you first contact A. Giffney & Sons Ltd, we will discuss with you your budget and house extensions you would like. At this point, we will be able to give you a timeframe of how long it will take. We always make it a point of causing as little disruption to your home or business as possible during the build as well.

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