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Updated: May 19, 2023

Here at A.Giffney and Sons Ltd., we understand that preparing for a house extension or a home renovation is an exciting time.

However, this excitement can be tempered by stress regarding how to go about beginning the extension process. While many people have a vague idea of what they’ll looking for, they can find it difficult to communicate this to a contractor.

Most homeowners will only have the vaguest idea of how much a home extension should cost, how long it will take and crucially they don’t know what questions they should ask a builder. With this in mind, we want to let homeowners know the critical questions they should be asking a builder contractor before a renovation begins.

Ask about references


Although it may seem oblivious, so many projects begin without the homeowner asking about references. Any established building contractor will be able to provide references for jobs completed. Crucially you should request references for projects similar to your own. For example, if you’re getting a home extension ask for references from other homeowners who contracted the builder for home extensions. If you’re getting an attic conversion, request a reference from a homeowner who has got a completed attic extension, etc.

This method ensures peace of mind if you decide to hire the building contractor but it also allows you to access the building contractors experience in different areas of house renovations.

Are you insured


It is absolutely vital that to know if your Dublin building contractor is insured or not. If some problem does arise during the renovation process if the building contractor is insured you know you’re covered.

Keep in mind asking isn't enough, however, don’t simply ask if the building contractor is insured, insist on seeing their insurance certificate.

Do you offer a guarantee on completed work?


Another clue to the kind of building contractor you’re speaking to is if the contractor offers guarantees on completed renovations. A Dublin building contractor should be completely confident in their work and be able to offer a guarantee on their work.

Are you part of any building organisations?


Another method of identifying the legitimacy of a building contractor is to find out what building organisations they belong to. For example here at A.Giffney and Sons Ltd. we belong to the National Guild of Master Craftsmen and are registered with SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland).

Still nervous about speaking to a building contractor about a home renovation? See our home renovations or home extension page for more information on our Dublin building contractor services or call us directly.

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